20 of the Best Things to do in Grenada

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Parm Parmar of Blue Planet Adventure shares these amazing things to do in Grenada and reasons to visit the spice island of the Caribbean right now. 

Located west of Trinidad and Tobago, Grenada is a beautiful island nation filled with picture-perfect harbours, sandy beaches, rich history, and a lush landscape.

Things to do in Grenada

First discovered by the Spanish in 1523, Grenada Island has a checkered past. France and Britain fought over it through the 17th and 18th centuries. The British had ownership until 1974 when Grenada gained its independence.

Today it is a thriving tourism mecca in the Caribbean Sea. There are so many things to do in Grenada you’ll want to go back again and again. These are all the reasons you should visit Grenada right now!

1. Grand Anse Beach

grenada island beaches

Forty-Five sandy beaches frame the island of Grenada. And all are open to the public. These include the world-famous black sand beaches and one of my favorites is the renowned three-kilometer Grand Anse Beach.

Grand Anse Beach is a two mile stretch of a white sand beach lined with hotels, restaurants and colorful fishing boats. Grand Anse Beach is about 6 miles from St. George’s on the southwest coast of Grenada.

2. Other Grenada Beaches I recommend

If you are in need of seclusion, rent a four-wheel-drive vehicle and hit l’Ance aux Epines, a white beach on the South of the Island. St. Patrick’s is another good choice for a secluded beach destination located at the north of the island and St. David located just a few km east of St. George’s.

3. Morne Rouge Beach

For quieter beach options, Morne Rouge Beach has calm waters. It’s very close to Grand Anse Beach, but it feels a world away. Located on the Southwestern coast, it’s the perfect spot for sunset.

4. Diamond Chocolate Factory

what to do in grenada spice tours

If you love chocolate, Grenada is the place. Diamond Chocolate Factory is a former rum distillery that is now home to Jouvay Chocolate.  It is one of the more commercial chocolates found on the island. It is one of the best places to shop for chocolate to bring back home.

5. House of Chocolate

island of grenada chocolate house

Another stop is the House of Chocolate in St. George’s. This quaint chocolate shop with a museum has a tasting menu and a cafe where you can sip chocolate drinks or eat locally made pastries. Don’t forget to add a side nutmeg or coconut ice cream to your chocolate cake if you order this delicious treat.

6. Belmont Estate

grenada things to do belmonte estate

Belmont Estate is a destination unto itself and a must-do when visiting Grenada. But it is also for chocolate lovers too. If you travel to Belmont Estate, take the “reservation-only” Bean to Bar Chocolate Tour.

It encompasses the entire life cycle of a chocolate bar from harvesting the bean in the cocoa fields, just a few steps away. The tour also includes a three-course lunch that includes chocolate.

No matter which tour you take, rest assured you’ll be rewarded with a generous sampling of chocolates plus a rich history of agrotourism.

7. The Rum

grenada island tours rum

Like its Caribbean neighbors, Grenada is a major rum producer. The island is home to several distilleries including Grenada Distillers, who make Clarks Court Rum.

In operation since 1937, it’s the island’s largest and best-known distillery. They make and distribute spirits including spiced rum, rum punch, coconut rum and many more. In the showroom, you can sample a number of rums and shop for unique flavors.

8. River Antoine Rum Distillery

grenada tours rum distilleries

You can also try for a sought-after bottle of the famous River Antoine Rum. The River Antoine Rum distillery produces less than its demand, but the wait for a prized bottle is well worth a visit.

9. Island Spice Tour

spice island grenada tours

Named the Spice Island, Grenada is home to many spices of the Caribbean, including the most famous of all Grenadian Spices, Nutmeg. It’s used in local recipes and products like Nutmeg juice, Nutmeg ice cream, perfumes, soaps, and beauty products.

Grenada has one of the most fertile soils in the Caribbean rife with nutmeg, cocoa, and soursop, banana palms, guava and ginger lilies.

Learn how these spices are harvested and processed with one of the many island tours. Check out the Gouyave Nutmeg Processing Station, where nutmeg is processed and exported around the world.

10. Laura’s Herb and Spice Garden

places to visit in grenada spice garden

For a unique experience, visit Laura’s Herb and Spice Garden, a favorite spot to see how everything is grown on the island. Just walk the lush trails to enjoy exotic aromas of fresh herbs and spices.

In the later part of the year, you can see wild sorrel plants which are used in juice drinks and Rum. Stop by the gift shop and grab spices to go.

There are so many accommodations from which to choose, ranging from small private homes to all-inclusive resorts.

11. Dougaldston Spice Estate

Dougalston Spice Estate is an historic plantation that still grows cocoa, nutmeg, and cloves by traditional means. You can take tours and purchase spices.

12. BB’s Crabback Restaurant

grenada holidays food tours

Grenada’s cuisine infused with its spices is to die for.  Here are five great places to eat in Grenada. Anywhere you dine in Granada you’re guaranteed fresh cuisine infused with local spices. Fish, lobster and crab are on every menu along with steak, chicken and other assorted meats.

The menu at BB’s Crabback is filled with Caribbean favorites. Try the whole Lobster Calypso. A generous meal of lobster seasoned with red, green and yellow peppers in a saffron and citrus sauce will tempt your taste buds.

13. Secret Harbour Restaurant & Cocktail Bar

You can’t go wrong dining at the Secret Harbour Restaurant. You’ll find seafood appetizers like crab cakes, crispy shrimp or mains of steak frites and red snapper. They also make delicious craft cocktail crafted with local ingredients.

14. Belmont Estate Restaurant

grenada holidays food

After a tour, enjoy lunch at Belmont Estates where you will enjoy a three-course meal from plantain soup to buffet of fish, rice, salads, beef and vegetable. Everything is grown on the estate and no matter your choice you won’t be disappointed.

After your meal, enjoy one of their delicious desserts like Nutmeg cake or Chocolate ice cream cake. No alcohol is served on the premises as the owners are Seventh Day Adventists.

15. Scuba Dive with Dive Grenada

grenada activities scuba diving

If you crave a little adventure, try snorkeling or diving with Dive Grenada. This small, award-winning dive shop run by owners Phil, Helen, and their two pups is a must visit on Grand Anse beach. It’s just a short boat ride to all the main dive sites.

Via GetYourGuide you can find the best things to do be it scuba diving, going on a spice tour or hiking to waterfalls. 

16. River Tubing

grenada tours river tubing

River tubing is another adventure, but for the less enthusiastic try an hour-long scenic ride down the Balthazar River with Adventure Granada.

Grenada Tours – GetYourGuide – plan ahead and book your experiences in advance to make sure you discover everything Grenada has to offer.

17. Snorkel the Underwater Sculpture Park

grenada holidays ideas for things to do snorkelling

Visit the Molinere Bay underwater sculpture park. The first of its kind; 75 statues were constructed from concrete and steel to create this enchanting underwater sculpture park.

They are the vision of Jason deCaires Taylor, an underwater photographer, sculptor, and environmentalist. Enjoy this incredible site by diving, snorkeling or from a glass bottom boat.

18. St. George’s – The Capital City of Grenada

grenada points of interest st georges
St. George’s Grenada

St. George’s exemplifies the best of a Caribbean port town. It has a picturesque harbor, historic forts, and a market displaying all the sights, smells and tastes of Grenada. St. George’s marinais unofficially dubbed the most beautiful in the Caribbean.

One of the best things to do in Grenada is to take an afternoon to walk the colorful streets of St. George’s and explore the local culture. Stop at Market Square in the heart of St. George’s to grab souvenirs, spices, produce and handmade crafts. The scent is intoxicating.

19. Fort Frederick

things to do in grenada fort frederick

There are also many historic sites in Grenada like Fort Frederick. Fort Frederick is Grenada’s best-preserved fort dating back to 1779.

20. Fort George

Fort George dates back to 1706 and was built as a battery for the French. It is one of the best places in Grenada for beautiful views of St. George and the Coast. It can be reached by walking up from town making stops along the way to view the plaques and to see the old canons and viewpoints.

things to do in grenada national parks
Monkey at Grand Etang National Park

21. Grand Etang National Park

Grenada is blessed with acres upon acres of wildlife-rich rainforest. Grand Etang National Park and Forest Reserve is an island must-visit. In this beautiful forest, you’ll find the Grenada dove (the national bird) and the rare Mona monkey. Take some bananas in case you spot the monkeys, they’ll come closer if offered one.

22. Grand Etang Lake

Located within Grand Etang National Park is Grand Etang Lake. This crater lake has hiking trails leading up to the summit of Mount Qua Qua.

23. Levera National Park

Levera National Park on Grenada’s northeastern coast was designated as a Wetland of International Importance. Levera national park sees few visitors and a hike to the beach is worth the 30 minute to complete seclusion. It’s an important bird habitat and sea turtle nesting area.

24. Annandale Falls

grenada things to do waterfalls

Be sure to check out the gorgeous Annandale Falls. In the lush rainforest, this massive waterfall collects in a pool where you can indulge in a relaxing swim. It’s a popular stop for cruise ships so be warned that it may get busy when they’re in port.

25. La Sagesse Nature Centre

Birders will love La Sagesse Nature Centre. Located on Grenada’s Southwest Coast 25 minutes from St. George’s and Grande Anse Beach, visitors can take a guided tour of the centre free of charge daily.

26. Grenada National Museum

Located in an historic building dating back to the 1700s, the Grenada National Museum in St. George’s is worth a visit. It traces the history of Grenada through the first inhabitants, plantation economy including slavery, first inhabitants, its whaling history and fishing culture.

27. Grenada Independence

about grenada independence prime ministers
Grenada’s Prime Ministers

Independence is celebrated every February across the island with the national dish of oil down, a one pot meal of salted meat, chicken, dumplings, breadfruit, and callaloo.

At first glance, Grenada may look like your typical lush Caribbean Island, but this paradise is so much more than beautiful beaches and friendly locals.

It’s easy to see why many come and fall in love with Grenada. From its welcoming, friendly people to pristine beaches, you’ll want to explore every facet of this island.

28. True Blue Bay Resort Street Food Festival

greanada resorts true blue bay resort

True Blue Bay Resort on Wednesday nights is the place to be on the Island. Locals and visitors descend to enjoy the magnificent Street Food Festival.

There are over 30 vendors supplying every dish imaginable from jerk chicken to pasta and seafood. They also have local ice cream and a local band playing the most incredible music. You’ll dance till your feet hurt.

Where to Stay in Grenada

True Blue Bay Resort

We stayed at the True Blue Bay Resort, charming waterfront property with brightly colored blue buildings. There you can choose from villas, suites, and rooms depending on the experience you are looking for.

Staying in a bi-level waterfront suite with beautiful views of the marina and ocean – was delightful. It had a relaxing color scheme, kitchen, eco-friendly amenities, and shower stall.

This hotel has activities from a chocolate and rum tasting to yoga or diving. If you just want to relax, check out their serene day spa.

A buffet breakfast is available to guests which include eggs, pastries, and fresh fruits daily. There are two swimming pools, one geared to family fun.

Dodgy Dock bar is the evening gathering spot for guests and locals, dinner is served in an adjoining area.

Calabash Hotel

things to do in grenada food and drink

For an upscale lunch, stop at the Calabash Hotel. This is also a great place to stay on Granada. After lunch stroll the grounds of this luxury hotel complete with gorgeous gardens and a swimming pool straight out of Architectural Digest.

From passion fruit mojitos to tapas style dishes – your taste buds will thank you. The Fried Calamari with sweet lime & chili mayo and the Spicy Fish Cake with goat cheese and beets, really hit the spot.

Best Time to visit Grenada

  • The best time to visit Grenada is December. High Season is January to April. It is warm and sunny during these months. But prices are at a premium.
  • October and November are shoulder season in Grenada and the weather is good. You’ll find good deals during this time.

Grenada Currency

  • Grenada uses the Eastern Caribbean Dollar 1USD = 2.70 ECD
  • Check XE Currency Converter for up to date rates.
  • We also suggest using an ATM when landing at the airport in Grenada to get out money for cash purchases
  • Credit cards are widely accepted at hotels.

Getting Around Grenada

  • It is best to get around Grenada by rental car.
  • There are public buses on Grenada. Mini Buses are cheap to get around and shuttle between popular beaches

Standout Grenada Tours

grenada tours

And these are all the amazing things to do in Grenada. When planning your next Caribbean vacation, be sure to add the spice island onto your list!

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20 things to do in Grenada

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