Cayman Islands Travel Guide

Your ultimate Cayman Islands travel guide, with tips, things to do, and best things to see in Cayman Islands. Great for first-time and returning travelers.

Why the Cayman Islands?

The Cayman Islands is a British overseas territory made up of three islands on the Caribbean Sea. Featuring white sand beaches, warm blue-green waters, great food, and friendly locals, it makes a great vacation.

With a variety of hotels and resorts to choose from, you’ll be sure to be comfortable during your stay. There are many things to do and see here.

This Cayman Island travel guide will help you plan your next vacation.

Fast Facts about Cayman Islands

  • Power voltage is 120 V at 50 Hz.
  • The official currency is the Cayman Islands dollar, though US dollars are also accepted. 1 Cayman Islands dollar is equal to 1.21 USD.
  • The best way to get around is by car or taxi.
  • If you are from the US, Canada, or the UK, you do not need a visa, just a passport. You will be able to stay for up to 6 months and will need to show your return ticket when you enter.
  • Digicel and FLOW are the two mobile providers and a SIM card can be purchased through either of these networks.
  • The Cayman Islands does not have any value-added tax (VAT)

Things to See and Do in Grand Cayman

  • Stingray City: A visit to Stingray City is a must. These Stingrays have become habituated to humans because of fisherman over the years and is a great way to get up close and personal in their natural habitat.
  • Pedro St. James Castle – It was a Great House and is the oldest surviving oldest stone structure on Grand Cayman. It was here that it was announced that slavery was abolished in the British empire.
  • Cayman Crystal Caves: Explore beautiful underground caves at this top attraction site. Take a 90-minute guided tour through a tropical forest and three underground caves and snap some great photos. Afterward, head over to the gift shop to bring something home with you.

Cayman Island Travel Guides



Budget: You can find cheaper options for hotels and resorts at around 110 to 170 Cayman dollars per night.

These resorts come with private rooms and suites with ocean views, indoor and outdoor pools, dive centers, free W-Fi, and sometimes a hotel restaurant.

Mid-Range: For mid-range hotels and resorts, expect to pay between 200 to 350 Cayman dollars per night.

Enjoy private rooms and suites with balconies and flat-screen TVs, multiple hotel restaurants and bars, outdoor pools with relaxing lounge areas, and beach access.

High-End: Luxury hotels and resorts come at 400 to 850 Cayman dollars per night.

Take in the best with top-of-the-line hospitality, polished suites with their own kitchen, private pools, and sundeck areas with ocean views, snorkeling and diving facilities.

Top-dollar resorts also provide private condos or beach houses.


The cuisine in the Cayman Islands favors seafood, vegetables, and spices as their main staples. The national dish is turtle stew.

The Cayman Islands come with a variety of restaurants and cafes where you can sample some more of their cuisine, and many of their restaurants are right by the seaside, making it perfect for fresh seafood.

Or, if you are on the go, look for local street trucks for some delicious snacks, burgers, and other quick meals.

The Al La Kevroom is one of the most popular and serves a mix of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes, while The Swanky Stop serves some of the freshest fruit smoothies on the island.

In total, expect to pay around 50 Cayman dollars per day for food.

The Best Ways to Get Around Grand Cayman

Getting to Grand Cayman:

Getting to the Cayman Islands: The Owen Roberts International Airport is the main airport to fly into and is located just 5 minutes from the downtown area.

Flights: You can check for the best flights to Grand Cayman on Skyscanner.


Trains: There is no train system.

Buses are a cheap way to get around the islands and operate from 6 AM to midnight, though they are most used by locals since it can take longer to reach your destination.

A typical fare is 1.5 Cayman dollars. One of the most popular routes goes from George Town to Seven Mile Beach, with buses departing every 20 minutes.

Taxis: Taxis are an alternative way to get around. They operate on a flat fee, so agree on the fare before your ride starts. Adding a 15-20% tip is custom. 

Water Taxi: There is a water taxi that operates from Camana Bay to Rum Point.

Rent a car: You can rent a car if you have a U.S. driver

When to go To Cayman Island

If budgeting is part of your trip, the best time to visit is between March and June, where you can get the best prices on hotels.

If budgeting isn’t a concern, know that the weather is warm year-round, with the average temperature being about 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

January and February are the coldest months, though the temperature only drops to about 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

The dry season in the Cayman Islands is between November and April. 

Where to Stay in the Cayman Islands

The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman: Enjoy the best at this five-star hotel. This premium hotel located right on Seven Mile Beach includes beautifully decorated private suites.

Comfort Suites Seven Mile Beach: Stay at this casual and relaxing three-star hotel. Amenities include private air-conditioned suites, complimentary breakfast, an outdoor pool, and hot tub, a fitness center, and access to public transportation.

Check out our favorite booking platforms, Tripadvisor and VRBO for the best deals on accommodation.

Cayman Island Guides

What to Pack for Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands are located in the Caribbean so expect hot and humid conditions. But it can get breezy at night.

  • Sunscreen: Protect your skin from the beautiful sun with some sunscreen.
  • Layers: While the weather is usually sunny during the day, the nights can sometimes get colder, so be sure to bring at least one sweatshirt or jacket.
  • Swimsuit: With so many beaches and waters to explore, make sure to bring a swimsuit with you.
  • Smart casual clothing – There are a lot of dining options and high-end accommodation. Bring something that you feel good wearing to go out at night.

See our packing tips: packing list for smart travel

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